All videos assume that you are already logged in to the website.  NOTE to view these videos, you need to enter the password in the password box for each one. It may be easier for you to see details by viewing the videos in full screen. To do this, hover over the video when it’s playing and either click the blue Vimeo logo in bottom right corner, or the 4 arrows icon next to it.

1- How to add a new post in the News item (basic)

Let’s view the admin dashboard screen here http://www.wyedean.org/wp-admin/index.php You can click this link and it will open in a new window/ tab if you want to watch the video and see the admin page as well.

2- How to add a ‘Featured Image’ to a Post

Images are not essential in news posts, however they can add some colour and interest. This video shows how to upload an image from your desktop and add it to a post. The image needs to be prepared beforehand to be a size of about 650px X 300-400px. The video is a bit jumbled around the ‘Preview Changes’ section, but I think you will get the idea …

3- How to link a download document from Dropbox

This video requires you to have your drop box folder open, as well as your website. You will be getting the public link from an already uploaded PDF and using this as a link in the library page to provide a download for visitors if they click the link.

4- How to edit a page or post

This video gives basic details about how to edit any page or post, using the top EDIT link that becomes visible when you are logged in. Please note; it’s important to treat any text withing square brackets [ and ] with caution, as they often create special functions.